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2020 Available Free Agents

All Free Agents are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Free Agents will be assinged to teams by the Front Office, and are available to all teams in a waiver wire process.   The waiver order will be sorted in reverse order of the previous seasons final standings.  Teams that have not met the minimum roster requirements will have Free Agents assigned to their rosters.  Free Agents can be added to team's rosters until the rosters have locked for the current season.

Please notify the League at   if you have any questions regarding this process.   


Name Phone Email Address Age Positions Paid Referral Assigned Team
Veterans Division (30+)      
Maxwell Lewis 443-506-4277 rickikicks@gmail.com 34 3B, OF Yes No  
Alejandro Eskanazi 410-622-9151 aeskenazi18@gmail.com 40 P Yes Yes - F. Remesch  
Weeknight League (30+)      
Masters Division (40+)      
Todd Hyson 717-650-7835 tchyson@gmail.com 56 C, 1B, 2B, OF Yes Yes - John Greaver  
Legends Division (50+)      
Ron Wines 443-686-0851 rwines1@verizon.net 59 1B, 2B, SS Yes Yes - Steve Zinner  
Fall Ball (All Age Groups)

Last Updated : 01/18/20