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2019 ASG & HR Derby
by posted 09/03/2019


The Home Run Derby was a fun event to start the day. Here are your inaugural Derby winners and team awards:

O30 Vet Team Winners
Astros (1070)
Indians (835
Pirates (840)

O30 Vet Individual Winners
John Kopatjic (385)
Jeff Lackaye (380)
Mike Pralle (355)

O40 Masters Team Winners
Astros (865)
Indians (745)
Royals (740

O40 Individual Winners
Jason Lohr (345)
Rob Streib (320)
Adam Pattisal (305) **Bare-footed!**

Thank you to everyone who made it to this event, and thank you to all the families that came out and supported it. Our 2020 All Star Weekend info will be announced when registration for the 2020 season opens on January 1st.

Proceeds from the 2019 ASG Weekend will be donated to Guinto's Helping Hands.

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